House by the Lake

House by the Lake

Conversion / renovation
Total area ca. 380 m²
+ terraces and garden
Completion: 2024

Hillside Terraces

The extreme hillside location of the house motivated us to design the outdoor facilities in the form of terraces. Structured plaster and natural stone are the main materials of the wall panels, some of which are accentuated by circular wall lights and uplights.

Staircase Theatre:

A central, straight staircase made of steel, glass and natural stone in front of a wall made of rough quartzite forms the back of the house and is at the same time a theater – a stage for the living room in front of it.

Throne Room

With a room height of 500 cm and a comparatively minimal room size of 1.7 m², the guest toilet is of very unusual proportionality. We use this feature to put a particularly large and high hat made of plasterboard, wallpaper and mirror on the little room.

Light Dome

The whirlpool tub in the master bathroom is crowned by a glass skylight, which is filled with water and illuminated from above. The reflection of the water movements and the light results in a beautiful play of light and shadows on the walls next to the tub.