Take three simple ingredients – curiosity, passion and love of life. Mix them together like a cocktail and you have found the source of our creativity!

Astrid Kölsche
Managing Partner

Silke Knodel
Managing Partner

Claudia van Bökel
Senior Project Manager

Torsten Peter
Senior Project Manager

Martina Barbara
Executive Assistant

We don’t follow trends – our objective is to meet our client’s specific brief – we work closely together to design a sustainable yet contemporary tailor made solution.

Andrea Sachse

Susanne Köppen

Gabriela Kiel

Whether residential or commercial, we relish the opportunity to create spaces that inspire, entertain and provoke discussion.

Mohammed Batran


Luzia Speidel



Nevriye Pierson

Blend Arllati

David Lampl

Katharina Bieker


Fundamental aspects of our work include the innovative use of light and shadow to structure space and the dramatic contrast of building materials and fabrics – glossy and matt, rough and smooth, natural and pre-fabricated, heavy and delicate.

Vanessa Leifer

Jakob Brockmans


Milton Waldow

Tanja Reich

Gabriel Felipe Sherer


Evelyn Kreuzer


Danny Kuiper


Indra Elise Philipp


We use concrete and floral wallpaper, stucco and stone, terrazzo, onyx, pollen, crystal and ceilings for video projections. With our unique combination of material, lighting and technology, we create harmony. All rooms have a soul – we find it for you!

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Poetic Realism
Harmony of Contrasts