Villa Q.

Villa Q.

Cologne, Marienburg
Newly built private mansion
355 m² total area
Completion January 2015

A house for the stairs, not a stairwell…

Orangery with Bar Ambiance

The brazen structure of the door and the glamorous cabinet are a modern interpretation of a traditional room.

Structure and texture – black and white – light and shadow: a room of contrasting beauty.

Neon chandelier …

The entrance hall features a seventeen metre long neon ‚chandelier‘ suspended from a metallic-coated ceiling.

„Onice Miele“, translatet : honey onyx, a translucent stone from Italy, covers in big pieces walls and floor.

Ironic lighting

The iconic Baxter coiled lamp in the libary stands out contrastivly against the the scenery of Santos Palisander.