Pandion Wall 18

Pandion Wall 18

Pandion Wall 18

Berlin center
New housing development
135 residential units
Completion: 2019

Rhombus with Lightbulb

The golden diamond wallpaper in the foyer of the Wallstraße residential building in Berlin Mitte is graphically at least as convincing as real ceiling panels. Mirrored lightbulbs at the crossing points of the diamonds also make the ceiling shine and increase the three-dimensional effect of the wallpaper.

Coral Red… the graphical contrast to the golden ceiling. The association with this wallpaper was by no means a coral reef, but the macro shot of a leaf – a little bit of nature in an otherwise very urban environment.

Fotograf: H.G. Esch

Pandion DOXX

Pandion DOXX

Mainz Zollhafen
New housing development
168 residential units
5 commercial units
Completion: 2021

Golden Times…

Not only is the facade by Schneider Schuhmacher covered with golden anodized panels, we also gilded the foyers and stairwells. Door entrances in golden lacquer, wall surfaces with golden wallpaper from Marburg and mailbox systems with golden-yellow powder coating bring the facade theme back to life inside the residential building .

Zigzag course as a design principle

Staircase and banister follow an irregular zigzag course. The varying distances between the balusters underline this unconventional design idea. Viewed across all levels, the strongly contrasting colored railings together with the dark floor edges pull together to form a single stairwell sculpture.

Schneider Schuhmacher Architekten
Photos: H.G. Esch

Pandion First

Pandion First

Berlin Center
New housing development
145 residential units
Completion: 2017
Architects: Leonwohlhagen

Violet statement:

The wall for the mailbox system in the foyer extends over 2 floors. She wears a deep purple dress by Farrow & Ball called “Pelt”.

Staircase Symphony

The composition of the curved staircases with their massive, gold-lacquered balustrades is the only and outstanding design element of the public areas in the Pandion First residential building in Berlin.

Photography: H.G. Esch

Pandion Le Blanc

Pandion Le Blanc

Munich Maxvorstadt
New housing development
81 residential units
Completion: 2018
Architects: Christ & Gantenbein

Pattern for Munich:

Immediately next to the front door, we created a seating alcove with a dark oak bench and wall paneling with patterned fabric.

Elevator Graphic:

The graphic pattern of the natural stone floor in the foyer can be found as a printed variant behind glass in the elevators.

Photography: H.G. Esch

Pilatus PC 24

Pilatus PC 24

New build private jet, “Super Versatile Jet”
“Single Pilot” certified
16.8 m cabin length x 17 m
Span take-off distance: 893 m
Max. speed: 815 km/h
Range: 3704 km
Max. flight altitude: 13716 m
Rate of climb: 4070 ft/min
max. 11 passengers + 1 pilot
Completion 11/ 2021

The World’s First Super Versatile Jet:

The PC-24 is quite simply unique. It is the first business jet to combine the versatility of a turboprop, the cabin size of a medium light jet and the performance of a light jet. The PC-24 is so special that it does not fit into existing business jet categories. This is why Pilatus had to create its own category: the Super Versatile Jet (SVJ) category. (Reference:

Designed for 45,000 feet and two hands

All Pilatus aircraft are approved for single-pilot operations. The PC-24 is no exception here. The cockpit layout is ergonomic and intuitive. (Resource:

Pilatus PC 12

Pilatus PC 12

New build private jet with gas turbine (Turbotest)
“Single Pilot” certified
Cabin volume 9.34 m³
Take-off distance: 758 m
Max. speed: 537 km/h
Range: 3339 km Max.
Altitude: 9144 m
Completion 04/2019

Color gradient:

The basic color of the Pilatus PC 12, viewed from the tail unit, varies from midnight black to the nose with the propeller in light silver-grey. The gradient is custom-made by Pilatus and completely seamlessly painted.

Above the clouds:

With a take-off speed of 124 km/h and a maximum climb rate of 1920 ft per minute, the Pilatus shoots up into the sky and over the clouds after a very short start-up phase…

Hillside Garden

House by the Lake – Hillside Garden

Redesign of outdoor facilities
Total outdoor area approx. 11,000 m²
Completion end of 2024

Bench with a View

The beautiful teak bench from B&B Italia invites you to linger and enjoy. From here you can experience the fantastic view over the lake and the hillside garden.

A Dream of Terraces

The 11 meter difference in height between the entrance and the fitness area on the lowest floor is overcome with walls that are like contour lines, intercepting the slope. Curved staircases connect the individual levels and visually complement the plastered walls.

Water Games

The pool, natural pond and whirlpool are designed as a unit and complement each other in their respective design to create a single water experience.

Townhouse Konstanzer Straße

Townhouse Konstanzer Straße

Berggruen Holdings
Konstanzer Straße –  Berlin
Conversion/renovation of residential building 1918
East wing approx. 1600 m² total area
West wing: approx. 1600 m² total area
Completion: 2024

Living Area with Kitchen

For the 135 m² living area of this Berlin apartment, we conceived a fully integrated kitchen, which becomes less of a kitchen and much more of a living and bar zone.

Kitchen Bench

A niche develops from our room-high kitchen installation, which, lying directly by the window, offers space for a chaise lounge or bench. A beautiful place not in the kitchen, but in the kitchen that invites you to enjoy and watch.

Beautiful Structure

The monochrome color world of the master bathroom is made exciting by differently structured surfaces: grooved tiles and the 3D wallpaper behind the bathtub are just two examples.

Dark Side:

Our alternative design for the main bathroom shows a dark variant of the monochrome original version – the floor and base are covered with a softly shiny, black porcelain stoneware tile with a natural stone look. Inspiration for this world of colors is Berlin in the 1920s.

House of Helios & House of Caerus

House of Helios & House of Caerus

Hotel Super Paradise Suites
Mykonos – Greece
New hotel complex
10 villas, each with 3 suites + public areas, fitness, wellness, reception, restaurant, pool facilities, garden/outdoor facilities, squares
Completion: 2025

House of Helios

Exciting monochrome:

The Villa Helios presents itself mainly in sand and grey-silver tones. These vary in material and surface and create a gentle, almost meditative atmosphere.

Pop Art – Gate of Heaven

Our outdoor wall design contrasts with the monochrome interior. A magenta outdoor wallpaper from Wall & Deco creates an artificial perspective over numerous consecutive archways. The space behind our dark bathtub seems endless…

Flying carpet

Hovering between inside and outside, the floating lounger “Shibui” by Paola Lenti awaits the guest.

House of Caerus

Consistently focused:

We staged the lush white bed centrally in the axis of the room with a perfect view of Super Paradise Beach.

House of Leto

House of Leto

Hotel Super Paradise Suites
Mykonos – Greece
New hotel complex
10 villas, each with 3 suites + public areas, fitness, wellness, reception, restaurant, pool facilities, garden/outdoor facilities, squares
Completion: 2025

Sleeping place with a hood

An oversized rattan pendant light hangs above the queen-size bed on the upper floor of the villa. The guests feel as if they are under a delicate, protective roof.

Winged Bar:

Each room has a bar with a counter: a place to celebrate, but also to have breakfast, to relax, simply to enjoy. A light sculpture like a feathered creature illuminates the bar and gives it lightness and elegance.