Pandion Pearl

Pandion Pearl

Pandion Pearl

New build yacht / 44 m length, 480 GT
Shipyard: San Lorenzo, La Spezia, Italy
Completion September 2021

Game of Waves..

The rear wall paneling in the Main Salon consists of individual, wavy stripes that together form a large curved sculpture.

Ocean Structures

The wall paneling behind the bed in the Master Cabin resembles a fan-shaped, huge coral. Lacquered, milled panels, superimposed in three layers and each slightly offset, create this impression.

Quick-change Artist

The white side table made of smooth and milled mineral material works as a unit, but also in three individual segments.

Boutique Hotel Lyo Vol.2

Boutique Hotel Lyo Vol.2

Mykonos, Greece
Extension restaurant
33000 m² total area
Hotel rooms total: 25
Completion Mai 2018

Lyo Restaurant

Exterior and interior are connected through the Sushi Bar and All-Day Dining in one flowing space.
Nevertheless, the strong black-white graphic on the back bar wall keeps the space together.

Compact textures determine the spatial impression

Individual wallpapers structure and differentiate restaurant and rooms.

Villa Palmera Balearic Islands

Villa Palmera Balearic Islands

Conversion / refurbishment
ca. 800 m² total area
15.000 m² palm garden
Completion mid 2024

Country kitchen deluxe

Wooden ceilings and wall paneling made of French walnut wrap the kitchen in a warm, lush dress. The glaring sun from outside is softened a little by the dark tint of the walnut tree.

Sea Creatures as Light Objects

In the central living room of the finca, 3 huge textile illuminated objects by Flos populate the air space above the sofa. Like medusae they float in space like sea creatures in the ocean.

Green Oasis:

A 7 meter high green wall forms the back of the central living space. Luminaires like threads complement the green curtain like drops of water in front of a rock face.

Villa at the Castle

Villa at the Castle

Conversion / refurbishment
600 m² total area
Completion May 2022

Louis Quatorze Stairs

The stairwell of this villa from 1915 looks like a castle. The lush, all-white stairwell is contrasted by numerous artworks on the walls. A fantastic light installation by Lasvit covering all floors crowns our creation.

Lustful severity

The large eat-in kitchen lives through the diversity of its material and design statements. Hot-rolled stainless steel, coffered wall coverings and a playful modern chandelier by Catelani create a unity despite their differences.

Townhouse Wellness Level Düsseldorf

Townhouse Wellness Level Düsseldorf

Reconstruction / renovation
100 m² total area
Completion End of 2021

Sauna with a view

Glazed all around and with floating benches, this sauna becomes a transparent sculpture in the room.⁠

Water drop faucet

A mirror made of cast stainless steel, a faucet like a drop of water, a washbasin made of black glass – an arrangement like a modern still life and yet easy to use.⁠

House at the City Park

House at the City Park

New build family home
approx. 1100 m² total area
+ terraces and garden
Completion Mid 2024

Pool – Pavilion

The 14 meter long pool is crowned by a shady arbor made of rotatable steel slats in dark anthracite. The pavilion houses the summer kitchen with a barbecue and a lounge area with a sofa, carpet and loose armchairs.

Hortus Conclusus

The wellness area on the lower floor of the house can be experienced via a free-floating stone staircase that leads directly to the pavilion. The pool with a glass pane at the end lies like a large aquarium in the garden and functions at night like an oversized lamp.

Office Pandion – Under the Linden Trees

Office Pandion – Under the Linden Trees

2000 m² total area
Completion October 2021

Palladio at Pandion

The formerly dark office corridors are now open to the façade through Renaissance-style arches.

La vie en rose..

Shades of pink and gray dominate the interior design of the conference rooms. A relaxed and natural atmosphere is the result of this color scheme.

Roof Garden Lounge

Roof Garden Lounge

Conversion of roof area
884m² total area
Completion expected in 2023

Heart of Wood:

We staged a wooden seating area in the middle of the green roof garden. A cushion made of pampas grass serves as an airy backrest.

Grass and Concrete:

Grass and large-format concrete slabs are the main components of the roofscape. Natural and artificial structures alternate and structure the space.

Tennis Club Lese Grün Weiß

TC Lese Grün Weiß

Reconstruction / renovation tennis club
320 m² total area
Completion 1st phase Mai 2021


We designed the central counter in the club restaurant lively and dynamic and thus created a place of communication and encounter..⁠⁠

Club Library

A shelf like a type case offers space for trophies,⁠ memorabilia, books and goblets. A piece of lived club history and at the same time extensive design for the piano room.⁠

Boutique Hotel Lyo

Boutique Hotel Lyo

Mykonos, Greece
Conversion hotel complex
33000 m² total area
Hotel room total: 25
Completion June 2016

View into the blue

Open spaces allow the gaze to wander over the splendid sea and the blue accessoires always lead back to the place of relaxation.

Attention to detail

The own creation of the rayskin pattern is not even used for the wallpapers but also for the tableware.

Cultivation of the space in between

This is an open room concept. That means flowing spatial structures and minimum separation. The room is characterized by visual references to the different room zones and to the outside landscape.

The main concept is an interpretation of the natural conditions of the island. The nature is characterized by high contrasts because of the strong play of light and shadows. This is adapted in the rooms by textures and structures to unite the inside and the outside.

Genius Loci

The genius loci is adapted by the own creation of wallpapers in rayskin pattern or in the gradient at the walls that match the sky and sea.