Pandion DOXX

Pandion DOXX

Mainz Zollhafen
New housing development
168 residential units
5 commercial units
Completion: 2021

Golden Times…

Not only is the facade by Schneider Schuhmacher covered with golden anodized panels, we also gilded the foyers and stairwells. Door entrances in golden lacquer, wall surfaces with golden wallpaper from Marburg and mailbox systems with golden-yellow powder coating bring the facade theme back to life inside the residential building .

Zigzag course as a design principle

Staircase and banister follow an irregular zigzag course. The varying distances between the balusters underline this unconventional design idea. Viewed across all levels, the strongly contrasting colored railings together with the dark floor edges pull together to form a single stairwell sculpture.

Schneider Schuhmacher Architekten
Photos: H.G. Esch