Pilatus PC 12

Pilatus PC 12

New build private jet with gas turbine (Turbotest)
“Single Pilot” certified
Cabin volume 9.34 m³
Take-off distance: 758 m
Max. speed: 537 km/h
Range: 3339 km Max.
Altitude: 9144 m
Completion 04/2019

Color gradient:

The basic color of the Pilatus PC 12, viewed from the tail unit, varies from midnight black to the nose with the propeller in light silver-grey. The gradient is custom-made by Pilatus and completely seamlessly painted.

Above the clouds:

With a take-off speed of 124 km/h and a maximum climb rate of 1920 ft per minute, the Pilatus shoots up into the sky and over the clouds after a very short start-up phase…