Pilatus PC 24

Pilatus PC 24

New build private jet, “Super Versatile Jet”
“Single Pilot” certified
16.8 m cabin length x 17 m
Span take-off distance: 893 m
Max. speed: 815 km/h
Range: 3704 km
Max. flight altitude: 13716 m
Rate of climb: 4070 ft/min
max. 11 passengers + 1 pilot
Completion 11/ 2021

The World’s First Super Versatile Jet:

The PC-24 is quite simply unique. It is the first business jet to combine the versatility of a turboprop, the cabin size of a medium light jet and the performance of a light jet. The PC-24 is so special that it does not fit into existing business jet categories. This is why Pilatus had to create its own category: the Super Versatile Jet (SVJ) category. (Reference: https://www.pilatus-aircraft.com/de/fly/pc-24)

Designed for 45,000 feet and two hands

All Pilatus aircraft are approved for single-pilot operations. The PC-24 is no exception here. The cockpit layout is ergonomic and intuitive. (Resource: https://www.pilatus-aircraft.com/de/fly/pc-24)