This is how we design… KITCHENS

This is how we design… KITCHENS

Project 1 | Kitchen Penthouse View 360°

Project 2 | Kitchen Villa K.

Project 3 | Kitchen Apartment Brown

Project 4 | Kitchen Apartment D.

Project 5 | Event kitchen Villa XXL

Project 6 | Kitchen house Villa Q.

Project 7 | Kitchen Penthouse Lindbergh

A kitchen that is a bar, cooking island and living element at the same time.

Like a sculpture, the kitchen is enthroned in the middle of the room, a design that seamlessly and playfully combines living and functional areas.

Grandmas corner bench reloaded:

Every kitchen with a corner bench is a convivial, family-friendly kitchen, even if the corner bench has been implemented as a modern upholstery variant and the kitchen with a 4-meter-long cooking block including a stainless steel cooker hood belongs more to the modern high-tech world.

Kitchen as an art object:

Fornasetti furniture, macassar veneer and baroque stone inlays are part of this kitchen concept, which is therefore more like a work of art than a cooking area.

A kitchen for cosmopolitans

Anyone who travels the world a lot appreciates a feeling of “at home” even more. To live up to this feeling, the kitchen is part of the dining and living room. The Italian marble Nero Portoro gives a masculine, powerful touch, which looks like an abstract painting on the back of the kitchen and the counter.

Cooking with Contrast:

The stainless steel and corian kitchen block provides the perfect equipment for preparing every culinary sophistication. The rear panel of the appliance, made of 200-year-old, spatulated oak planks, creates an archaic contrast to the modern plastic kitchen sculpture.

A house for the kitchen.

A villa in the style of the 1920s, a modern, cubic extension made of Grauwacke only for the kitchen and a wellness house in the garden – this triad of senses was what a Cologne entrepreneur wanted. We designed the kitchen house with special attention to detail: a free-standing wine cabinet.

Celestial eye:

An oval ceiling cutout in the roof above the kitchen brings studio light into the room and brilliantly highlights culinary delights.