This is how we design… WINE

This is how we design… WINE

Project 1 | Wine cellar Villa XXL

Project 2 | Wine storage guest house Villa XXL

Project 3 | Wine cellar house von Trieer

Project 4 | Wine cellar Villa Son Vida

Wine is poetry in bottles:

In this wine cellar, poetry is also noticeable in the detailed design of the room. The small apse creates an almost sacral atmosphere. This spatial impression is enhanced by colored light from below.

Wine Wall

An individual bottle refrigerator for wine creates a pleasing visual connection between bar and kitchen. The lighting of the bottles also provides oblique colored light reflections.

Tradition and Modernity:

A semi-circular vaulted old brick vault is the traditional architectural basis of this private wine cellar. The glass-cut through the entire space brings the leap into the modern and provides a generous view.

Wine drinkers look good, are smart, sexy and healthy…”

Hugh Johnson, british wine books author

This also was the idea of ​​our client, who designed this small, fine wine cellar. Each bottle has its own special place here. Wine crates are not simply stacked, but stored on excerpts that are pulled out when needed.