Villa Hill

Villa Hill

New construction private house
Total area inside: 403 m²
Total area of the property: approx. 2000 m²
Completion: Mid 2025

»Mirror, mirror on the wall…«

In the entrance area of Villa Hill, the mirror is not planned as a classic wall-hanging object, but rather is clamped between the ceiling and the wall so that it can rotate and swivel.

Kitchen culture..

Two curved benches replace loose chairs at the large dining table in the kitchen. They are luxurious, comfortable and high quality and thus point to the importance of family and friendly get-togethers while eating.

Bathroom with a view

The large free-standing bathtub in the master bathroom offers a wonderful view of the adjacent landscape despite the terrace in front of it.

Fitness First

The beautiful patio in front of the fitness area in the basement provides the rooms with light, air and harmony. The uniform material world of the interior and exterior creates a smooth transition between rooms and functions.