4711 Window Dressings

4711 Window Dressings

Cologne, traditional house 4711
Season decoration
Completion 2018

Spring Awakening

Our dancing one is light, fresh and happy Flock of birds made of folded paper. Pure white blossoms give the birds a hold and twine oversized around the windows.

Kölle Alaaf!

Funkemariechen, the Prince, the Alter Markt and the cathedral are part of our shop window design in the so-called fifth season in Cologne. A special feature here: all the typical carnival elements, including the Cologne coat of arms, are white and only recognizable as an outline. Only pompoms and balloons shine in the colors of 4711.

Summer Sun..

A new product line from 4711 dictated the colors for these windows: summery shades of yellow, orange and red.

History in Autumn

The 4711 Museum made numerous exhibits available for our autumn window: old engravings of the city of Cologne, special editions of special bottles and beautiful paper caskets.

A Christmas Wonderland

Natural elements such as whitewashed branches, pine cones and berries create a fascinating winter world in combination with lush balls and glittering ice crystals.