Boutique Hotel Lyo

Boutique Hotel Lyo

Mykonos, Greece
Conversion hotel complex
33000 m² total area
Hotel room total: 25
Completion June 2016

View into the blue

Open spaces allow the gaze to wander over the splendid sea and the blue accessoires always lead back to the place of relaxation.

Attention to detail

The own creation of the rayskin pattern is not even used for the wallpapers but also for the tableware.

Cultivation of the space in between

This is an open room concept. That means flowing spatial structures and minimum separation. The room is characterized by visual references to the different room zones and to the outside landscape.

The main concept is an interpretation of the natural conditions of the island. The nature is characterized by high contrasts because of the strong play of light and shadows. This is adapted in the rooms by textures and structures to unite the inside and the outside.

Genius Loci

The genius loci is adapted by the own creation of wallpapers in rayskin pattern or in the gradient at the walls that match the sky and sea.