Pandion Albertussee

Pandion Albertussee

New residential quarter
with condominiums

6 city villas (architecture Hadi Teherani)
4 large building blocks (architecture HPP)

Completion of 1st construction phase 2024

Like Sand at the Lake.. what the porcelain stoneware flooring looks like for house entrances and stairwells. Motivated by the location on the water, the design moves between blue-green and sand tones that bring the lake in front of the door into the house.

Delicate Graphics

The wave motif, which is spectacularly staged in the entrance by a curved, floor-to-ceiling installation, can also be found subtly in the graphic design of the walls.

Staged with Light

The over-high, two-storey entrance portals are additionally highlighted by linear light installations.

Mailbox Shelf

The mailboxes on the ground floor are arranged like valuable boxes on a wall shelf. The color and motif of the wallpaper opposite are reminiscent of sand waves, formed by wind and water..